Fun New Home Trends for 2014

The new year has begun, and 2014 is looking brighter than ever for home design. If you’re getting ready to start building a home this year, you may want to look into some of the new trends that experts are predicting and we are starting to see (and love), and start selecting which of these trends you’d like to make a part of your new home! According to an article by CBS Money Watch, these are the top predicted trends for 2014.

    1. The open-concept kitchen. If you haven’t noticed, kitchens aren’t tucked away behind walls anymore. Recently built homes have an open kitchen that connects with a living space. These so-called great rooms are great because they offer a more guest-friendly environment. We have found that family and friends tend to gravitate towards the kitchen, where the food is, which is why we are also seen and designed some wonderful new kitchens just to give your family space. These kitchen designs are also great for the cook.


    2. Neutral colors. There’s a great shift in the color schemes of many modern homes these days. Where designers used to look for dark, bold, rich colors to liven a home, they are now using neutral colors (whites, grays, taupes) to create a more calming, bright, airy and cheerful effect within the home. Neutral colors also make it easy to change your style seasonally (or if your tastes change) by just switching out pillows, blankets etc… (But don’t be afraid to use a few bold colors to add contrast in your design!)

    3. Efficient design. These designs allow for everyone and anyone to use them. They are simple, but very functional. They maximize the living space per square foot of cost while also eliminating waste.

    4. Quartz. Granite countertops are quickly being replaced by quartz countertops. Quartz has the same classy look and the same quality feel as granite, but it’s actually more practical. It’s non-porous so it’s easily cleaned, not to mention that it will resist cracking and wears more than a granite countertop will. We are also see more butcher-block and stainless counters coming back.

    5. Energy-efficient and water-saving appliances. Not only will these appliances look nice, but they will also save you big bucks when it comes to energy and water bills. These appliances are no longer just for the rich and famous, but they now come in highly-affordable models.

As you keep your eye on the upcoming trends, remember to contact your most trusted northern Utah home builder for the best advice on your personal homebuilding decisions!