Tips on Decorating Your Basement

There are plenty of people who own homes that do not make use of all of the space that the home has to offer. One of the most neglected areas of a home is the basement. For many homeowners, the basement is a dark and scary place that the kids are afraid of to go down to. It is used for a few of the mechanical necessities of a home and for storage, but not much else. If you are looking to get more room in your home, think about using your basement. With the right decorating touches, it can turn into a very family friendly area or a secret hiding place for the adults to use.

Have a Purpose

The first thing that you need to think about when decorating a basement is what it will be used for. Many basements feature a lot of open space. They can be the perfect place to have a playroom for the kids. If the room is going to be used for kids to play around in, find the decorations that are kid friendly. Bright colors and soft furniture are great. Bean bag chairs are comfortable and easy for kids to use wherever they want. Consider using furniture that kids cannot harm. The lighting in the room should also be bright, so the kids can see everything easily. Other considerations for a playroom include items such as pool tables and pinball machines. A media setup where the kids can play their video games will turn the basement into the place to be.

If you want a romantic getaway, make sure that you have plenty of furniture that can be shared by more than one person. An electric fireplace and some romantic table lighting will help set the perfect mood.

Take Some Precautions

No matter what you are going to use the basement space for, you need to make sure to take some basic precautions. An intercom system can help you talk to anyone in the home when you are in the basement and a cordless phone can keep you from having to trek upstairs when it starts ringing. You might have to do some things to make it easier for you to hear what is going on above you when you use your basement as extra space in your home.

Before you decorate your basement, make sure that it is a place that you will want to be in. Even if you decorate it fabulously, if you don’t like the idea of heading downstairs, it may not be worth the effort.