Websites that Inspire


Finding Your Style

As Northern Utah’s premier custom home builder it is our goal to make a home perfectly suited to you. What is a great way to make sure you are able to identify your own distinct style? Look at what others have done and find inspiration!

In an effort to help you find inspiration we have compiled a list of home websites that will definitely give you limitless options and designs to explore.

1. The Selby

An amazing inspiration site. Simply because that’s exactly what it is! Founded in 2008 as a side project of photographer Todd Selby, the site has become a place for Selby to photograph people in their homes. The best thing about the site is Selby has photographed people from all walks of life, each with a unique home that they have made their own.

2. Strange Closets

Strange Closets is very much on the artistic side of these blogs. However, our favorite event is the weekly home tour where they really show off multiple options/designs to the home. The main focus of this site is interior design.

3. Grassroots Modern

Founded by two Utah natives, Grassroots focuses on the stylish and contemporary. Showing homes and designs that are trendy but not too over the top so we feel alientated. With the goal of helping designers better connect with the mass population of society, this site provides great ideas and inspiration.

4. Houzz

Hands down this is our first “go-to” site. If you want to find an example of virtually anything relating to your custom home design or style just join the Houzz community and start searching. You will find literally hundreds of photos from actual homes. The inspiration is limitless!

5. Pinterest

Custom Home Inspiration

You might think this social network site won’t give you serious design ideas but many of our custom home owners have found some of the most unique inspiration ever!

We encourage you to “explore” the world wide web and see what design gems are waiting to inspire you! Then bring all those inspiration into Mt Sterling Custom Homes and let us help you bring them to life.