Questions To Ask Your Custom Home Builder

Purchasing your first home can be a very rewarding experience, especially if you get the chance to watch the construction as it is progresses. The first step in the construction of your home is finding the perfect custom home builder. This might be challenging for those that are novice in the field of purchasing homes, however with the following ‘questions to ask your custom home builder,’ the process will be easy enough for a toddler to do.

1. What are the strong points of the company?
The answer to this question will vary depending on the size of the building company. Strong points can be a personalized updating system where the owner is notified after each milestone has been met in planning. Another could be working solely with one project until it is completed before scheduling another, for companies that tend to overbook their time this can be very worrisome.

2. Does your company work with an architect?
This may not be a very big deal to some people as the architect can be hired outside of the company, but companies that provide their own are rated higher among individuals who are looking to work with custom home builders.

3. Are you experienced in building this size of a home?
This is an excellent question because many companies are either large home builders or small ones. Finding a company that can build any size home at the owner’s desire is a diamond in the rough.

4. What stage in the building process should you be called in?
Although many companies will say immediately, because the quicker they get started on building your custom home, the quicker you can move in it. However, if the decisions have yet to be made on location, size, or style it’s best to figure those out before going forward.

5. Do you have a company construction crew on hand?
Normally this would be ideal, but some companies do tend to sub-contract. Companies that are larger might have their own crews on hand but if they do, the question of how many projects they are currently working on should also be asked.

6. After construction, can you help with home decorating?
This question is not one that is highly asked but there are many home designers that are connected to specific custom home builders. If requested, they might be able to give you a great deal on a package through their advised designer by having your home built by them.

7. Can you provide References?
This question should not be overlooked. References are the only real key that anyone has to knowing what type of work that a company is capable of. By calling the previous clients that they have built homes for and getting a review, you’ll be able to understand exactly what they can provide to you.