4 basic tips on fall decorating

As the world changes color, so do our homes. Fall decorating is perhaps the most homely of all decorating throughout the year. But if you’re one that struggles with home decorating or would just like a few more ideas to build on what you have, here is a list of tips to help you out.

1. Use proper tones

There’s a reason fall decorating uses a barrage of earth tones, and that’s because it helps match what the Earth is doing as the leaves and landscape turn into their yellow, brown, orange and reddish hues. Your home must reflect that same change or else it’s simply not fall decor.

Autumn Colors         

2. Take advantage of scent

Cinnamon CandlePotpouriCorn Candle

The first thing guests will notice, even before what they see it, is what your home smells like. Fill your house the aroma of the season with the use of either potpourri or scented candles. Potpourri works as both a fall fragrance and decoration while scented candles emit both fragrance and light. Different fall scents such as pumpkin spice, cedar wood, cinnamon bark, incense-cedar and mint leaves.

3. Be natural and rustic

Wheat DecorCoffee Table DecorFront Porch Decor

The whole point of the falls season is enjoying the what the outdoors show. You can exemplify this in your home with the use of more wooden/rustic furniture with a vintage flair. This will create a scene of the outdoors and nature and is only enhanced if combined with the above tips.. Your house will feel more homely and natural than ever before.

4. A pumpkin lined trail leading to a wreath decorated door

Porch 1porch 2porch 3

People say presentation is everything. If that’s true then the path from your yard to your door will have a lot to say. Lining the path with a row of pumpkins leading to a door adorned with a fall wreath will give the immediate impact that this is one cozy home.

With these basic tips you now will be able to create a fall featured home that you and your guests will enjoy for the entire season.

How can Mt Sterling help?

As you build your custom home in Northern Utah, we can help you plan for great areas of your home to decorate. Come meet with our consultants who will help you plan for indoor shelving, welcoming porches, and storage for all of your fun decorations. Mt Sterling is the most trusted home builder in Northern Utah, serving areas throughout Cache, Weber, and Davis counties.