The Four Largest Cities in Northern Utah

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Where will you build?

So, you’re building your first custom home. This step is as big as it is terrifying. Needless to say, you’ve spent countless hours and late nights planning every small detail for the project. What is as important as the house you’re building is the location in which you choose to build. Utah has dozens upon dozens of pleasant cities that are affordable and family friendly. How can you possibly choose? As custom home builders in Cache Valley, Mt. Sterling Custom Homes invites you to consider the four largest cities in northern Utah for your building project. We’ll briefly discuss each city and what it has to offer to you and your family.

West Valley:

A large suburb of the main Salt Lake City area, West Valley is Utah’s second-largest city with a population of 129,000 people. West Valley is a perfect location if you want access to a big city without actually living in the big city. West Valley is just a short 25 minute drive from the SLC international airport and a 15 minute drive (give or take) from downtown Salt Lake. The city is extremely popular with young families and enjoys a median household income of over $45,000. All this combined with close access to world-renowned ski resorts will give you a dream location for your home.

Salt Lake City:

Of course we have to touch on Salt Lake City, the shimmering international jewel among a relatively unpopulated western United States. Salt lake is as diverse as it is international. Salt Lake has everything from affordable apartment living to inner-city condos to beautiful historic home estates. Salt Lake is home (a home) to dozens of national corporations including the likes of Goldman Sachs, Associated Foods, General Electric, RC Willey and Deseret News, giving plenty job prospects. Salt Lake is consistently ranked in national polls for being a low stress city with its quality of life and job opportunities. The city features a beautiful downtown area with attractions such as the State capitol, Temple Square and the LDS Church conference center.


Provo has seen tremendous growth over the last two decades and houses the world’s largest private religious university: BYU. This makes Provo in large part home to some 30,000 students living on or south of the campus, but don’t let that dissuade you. Provo is a short 15 minute drive from Utah Lake, a 20 minute drive from Sundance Ski Resort and a 45 minute drive from Salt Lake International Airport. The city contains a vibrant underground music scene that has developed into a free rooftop concert series every summer. Family friendly and close to endless outdoor recreation, Provo has become a hot destination for young families and young entrepreneurs.


Last but not least is Orem, a neighbor to Provo and home to its own four year university. Orem is close to the highway as well as Utah Lake and countless other outdoor attractions. Orem is part of Alpine School District, one of the best in the state of Utah. The median household income is $52,000 leaving many job opportunities for young families and aspiring professionals. At its core Orem is a great city for young families that want access to all that Utah has to offer.

Based on our list, what city fits your family the best? Northern Utah is a great area to build a custom home. As home builders in Cache Valley, Utah, Mt. Sterling Homes is excited to be part of your project and make your dream home become a reality. Reach out for a quote or consultation today!