Transform Your Home With Gardens

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A Little Time and Effort Make All The Difference

Think about it, whether you have flower pot on your porch, a few bushes by your back door or even just the grass in your yard, most of us have some form of a garden to care for. Whatever type of garden you have it can always be made more beautiful and enhance the value of your home. As custom home builders in Cache Valley, Mt. Sterling Custom Homes is dedicated to helping you not only with your home but with the landscaping as well.

Gardens Enhance Your Home

Gardens are beautiful and pleasant and they can be functional part of your home. Historically gardens have been a sign of class and wealth, only upper class and royalty could afford to have decorative gardens. Working class families would just have patches of tilled soil to cultivate small crops. In modern society home sites can be smaller than ever but no matter the size of your land with a few creative tricks you can create a garden that will enhance your property value and compliment your home.

A Garden Takes Planning

Like most things the best gardens are well planned. Take the time to do a little research. What are your priorities? Are you looking for simplicity? Are you trying to be water-wise? Do you want flowers that bloom all season or plants that return every year? The internet or your local nursery will be a great asset in your planning stage. If you can’t afford to do the whole project all at once add a few plants each week, or month or even each summer. Eventually you will have the garden of your dreams.

Remember The Basics

Once you are planted, remember the basics, water and fertilizer. Utah is technically still the desert and most plants won’t thrive without a little extra TLC. Fresh mulch every few months, regular weeding and removing the “dead heads” will keep your garden looking fresh and beautiful.

If you are interested in building a home so you can have your own personal garden please give our new home consultants at Mt. Sterling Custom homes a call and let them help you with the home AND garden of your dreams.