Building a fully custom home can seem overwhelming at times. At Mt. Sterling, we have developed a specialized construction process that helps our clients efficiently navigate the many steps involved in building a custom home. We’re dedicated to making sure that our clients are well-informed of all that goes on while their home is being built. We walk every client through each important phase. From pre-construction through completion, we make sure that our building techniques are followed to ensure your home is built to our standards and what you envision it to be.

Through our years of experience we have the ability to design and bring to life your vision. Our pre-construction process allows us to spend very organized time with each of our new customers and go over everything from the home site selection to the smallest of the finishing touches. Our goal is to make sure that your vision of your new home is realized.


We want to know your needs, lifestyle, desires, dreams, and plans for your future as we work together to develop the house plans and the very best layout for your new home. We will apply our years of experience and expertise to help design your home in a way that is energy efficient, healthy for you to live in, durable, best complements your families lifestyle, and cost-effective.

Home Budget and Policies & Procedures

We all know that price matters when building a home- every home. It is important to us at Mt. Sterling to make sure that we are building you the very best custom home that we can for the budget that has been specified. It’s our goal at Mt. Sterling to make sure that our customers know up-front all of the details about their home budget and where their hard-earned money will be invested.

We also understand the importance of meeting deadlines and have the job run as smooth as possible. As a result, we have developed very detailed procedures and policies that assist in reducing hick-ups with-in the building process. We orient all of our clients on these procedures to help ensure that the project stays on schedule and runs smoothly.

Once these details have been addressed, we get to move to the next and most exciting step—building your home!