our Process

We understand that building a fully custom home can seem overwhelming. 

That’s why we developed an easy, efficient process to get you into the home of your dreams.

Let us walk you through it.

Take a look at our process.

Step 1:




We have the ability to design and bring to life your vision. From the home site selection to the smallest of the finishing touches, our goal is to realize your vision of your dream home.



Your needs, lifestyle, desires, dreams, and plans for your future will direct the design of your home. Our experience and expertise will help us design together an the home that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Building Process


We know that price matters to you.


Our policies protect our client–you! 


We’ll keep you informed and
the project on schedule.

We all know that price matters when building a home- every home. It is important to us at Mt. Sterling to make sure that we are building you the very best custom home that we can for the budget that has been specified. It’s our goal at Mt. Sterling to make sure that our customers know up-front all of the details about their home budget and where their hard-earned money will be invested.

We also understand the importance of meeting deadlines and have the job run as smooth as possible. As a result, we have developed very detailed procedures and policies that assist in reducing hick-ups with-in the building process. We orient all of our clients on these procedures to help ensure that the project stays on schedule and runs smoothly.


Then comes the most exciting step of the process – building your new home!

Step 2:


Sterling Standards of Production

Our standards define who we are as a company and help us to ensure that you get the kind of quality and service that you’ve come to expect from Mt. Sterling. Click a topic to view our standards in more detail.

  • We partner with only the best trade professionals
    Each trade partner has a defined scopes of work
    All trade partners are familiar with our high standards
    Our quality standards checklist ensures your satisfaction with each Partner work
  • Our computerized job scheduling make efficient use of time and resources.
    Such scheduling allows on time delivery of material and assembly
    Work orders allow for very detailed drawings, descriptions and assembly techniques
  • Onsite procedures ensure quality assembly
    Onsite training assists in improved efficiencies of time
    Structured onsite meetings allow you to see and understand how your vision will come to life
  • All purchases are authorized through signed purchase orders so we can ensure your price.
    Signed Additional Work Authorizations keep you informed of any changes you might make
    Purchasing of the best suited materials


  • You’ll pay only what’s been authorized
    A signed quality standards checklist means you’ll get the quality home you paid for
    Insurances and licensing is on file so you won’t have to worry about a thing.
    Our Semi-monthly payment policy keeps things on the jobsite moving smoothly
Building Process

Step 3:

Completion and Estate Management

It’s finally time!

Your Mt Sterling Custom Home is complete and it’s time to start moving in the boxes. This is the point we love- watching you begin your new life in your beautiful new home. Let us be the first to welcome you to the neighborhood and officially say,


Welcome Home

Estate Management

At Mt. Sterling Custom Homes, our first priority is making sure that our customers feel completely satisfied and taken care of at every step of the building process, including after construction. We hope to not only build your home, but to build a lasting personal relationship with you that will grow beyond the building of your home.

Sterling’s Inner Circle

As a Mt. Sterling homeowner, you’re part of the family! We started Sterling’s Inner Circle as an easy way to keep in contact with our customers after their home is complete. As a member, you’ll receive our  warranty updates and most importantly information regarding our customer appreciation events.

Now let’s get started!

Check out our portfolio and let’s make your dream a reality.